Q Manager

A flexible, branded booking tool that enables businesses to control the flow of customers within their premises, whilst enhancing customer experience.

  • Easy and Simple to use
  • Assists NHS Track & Trace
  • Keeps a record of customers & visitors for 21 days

The booking solution that puts your customers first. Get Q Manager today!

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  • Make efficient use of your time
  • Queue virtually
  • Queue in multiple places at any given time
  • All your bookings in one place
  • For FREE

Business Owners

  • Manage customer queue, reduce waiting time, give time back!
  • Customers book services via the App
  • Receive bookings in real time
  • Digital records of customers visiting your business over the last 21 days
  • From £0.99* per day (£29.99* per month)
*Excluding VAT

For a limited time business owners have to comply to the governments working safely during Covid-19 guidelines. On the 29th May 2020, the guidelines requested processes are put in place to minimise contact on your premises. Our tool takes care of these points for you

Regulating entry so that the premises do not become overcrowded

Limiting the number of customers in your premises

Accurate temporary records of visitors for 21 days

Assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for data if needed

Q Manager allows you to…

Manage customer queues via your branded booking board, to give your customers time back, as well as reduce risk them and your staff

It takes less than 10 minutes to join
Allow customers to book your services using Q Manager (by To Be U)

List your business for your existing and potential new customers to find you

Customers book your services using your branded booking board

Confirmed booking details for the customer and the business

Watch the video below for a short overview of how Q Manager works

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  • helloqmanager@to-be-u.com

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Let us take care of the queue do you can focus on managing your premises.

Retain customers, allow customers to book your services with Q Manager